Creating fabulous maps of favorite places!

Calaveras Wine Map

Calaveras Wine Map

Meet the designer

Kelli Pearson, owner of MapCo Marketing, is based in the city of Pleasanton, CA just 10 minutes from the Livermore Wine Region and within an hour from Lodi and Calaveras, her 3 most favorite boutique wine regions she visits regularly. Her business motto states; "Its with great passion we create...fabulous maps of favorite places!" This has never been more evident if you have seen any one of her hand illustrated winery maps. They are all a true labor of love! She admires the beauty, art, and romanticism of the these small wine regions, and embrace the wonderful wines produced.

MapCo Marketing has a strong history of creating high quality custom maps. These maps are unsurpassed in the industry, and feature the finest artwork available. MapCo’s quest was to produce a map that was unique and a true representation of its region and character.


Here are a few examples of these wonderful maps

If you are interested in commissioning Kelli to create a custom map, visit our contact page. She would love to hear from you!